For the parents with kids in crisis ;
* Taken from an interview Lisa did about professionals and well meaning friends who think they are helping but can do more harm then good .

“I remember attending a lecture at my kids school . The psychologist was trying to advise us on how to be as good of a parent as she was and raise good kids like she has . I was not expecting such an acclaimed practitioner to use this approach . I was in the midst of terrible crisis and loss with my own child . Her lecture made me realize just how disconnected I was from what is considered normal and ideal in our community . I felt completely alone and ashamed for not being like her and having good results like she has . I felt like I had failed my child . All I could think was , lady , you’re just adding to my stress , you’re not helping . I’m not Mary Poppins . I’m Lisa Lallouz and I’m doing my best .”

Sometimes professionals , family and friends mean well , but don’t have the answers or tools we need that would help us . It’s okay . There is always a way out . There is a person , a book , a community that is meant for YOU . That will reach YOUR heart . I didn’t give up on myself or my kids . I didn’t give up on finding the help , support and tools I needed to save us ! It took time but it was worth it .
Search , search and never give up !

Lisa Lallouz BSW,
Children’s author

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